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Saturday, March 13, 2010



When doing the fence drill...see video (Click on the TITLE OF ARTICLE TO LINK Above)...do you recommend using a small, small bat for this drill as we do to prevent the common mistake on the left?

Any other drills would be very insightful to us.



Monday, February 22, 2010

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Hand Pivot Point in the Elite hitter

I wanted to point out how good hitters establish connection with the hands and the back shoulder and how that connection or relationship remains strong until very very late in the swing.

here lets take a look at Hamilton again from behind and how he turns that barrel backwards without the hands leaving the back shoulder.


Those hands are alive and active yet the arms are NOT pulling them forward.

Notice the same thing in Ethier. Those hands stay deep. They stay at the back shoulder. They stay behind the rear hip.


Here lets do a side by side by side evaluation of Bruce, Rasmus and Hamilton. Notice the barrels rearward start. The barrels path and notice how the hands remain at the back shoulder deep into the swing process.


The swing links of previous post.

Chuck. I wanted to make sure the swing links worked so I am starting a new post to see if that works better.



Notice how early Pujols gets the barrel on ball plane.


Notice in Griffey how he doesn't take his hands back. He rides his rear leg longer than most and he keeps his hands back. That gives the look of a lead arm barr. However it is not.

Lead arm barr would be defined by PUSHING the hands back with force applied in the lead arm. As you can see Griffey has not applied that force in his swing. The way to check for this is to watch the banner behind Griffeys hands.

Good Hitters

Jeff, Nice post, thanks. So if the rear barrel of the bathead goes backwards, the chop down to the ball is definately not the way to go as we presumed all along. The way I see it is that the hand path is a shallow U with the hands only coming down in that shallow U fashion from a natural upper body rotation but with barrel going rearwards (Hips lead hands)to get on the plane of the pitch as long as possible. What makes a hitter stand out to you?...I have heard when you guys scout hitting you don't look you listen...is that true? I attached a short clip of Jordan attached going opposite field doing some cage work...hope it posts. Chuck Ramus
Chuck....what a great idea and a awesome way to advance the knowledge of hitting and what great hitters actuallly do in their swings!! Thanks for having me and I look forward to having some great respectful discussions on the swing.

As a scout my job is to search for players that have tools (hit,power,field, run,throw) and that play at all the positions. Its also important to know how to play the game with instincts and game awareness.

I'll begin my thoughts on hitting with this...

Good hitters turn the barrel REARWARD

They do this with

1) and hand pivot point that is closely connected to the back shoulder

2) and with a rear hip pivot point that is thrust in the back leg and hip

Since I'm learning how to attach video (yep, I have high speed. May just not be high speed enough..LOL) I'll post a link to the clip.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010


TO: Jeff Edwards (Colorado Rockies Scout )

Jeff Edwards, a "Colorado Rockies" MLB Scout has been kind enough to offer his many years of professional expertise on what MLB Scouts really look for in Hitters & Players. I created this Blog (ongoing clinic - Jeff's idea) with Jeff as an opportunity for young players and families that may have questions on Mechanics, Fundamentals etc...so they may ask Jeff their questions. Thank you Jeff! You will see that Jeff always backs up mechanics talk with video posts in the Blog (seeing is believing). In my opinion, I believe there are way to many conflicting Mechanics & Fundamentals being taught out there especially in the Tampa Bay market. So consider this forum "You're Horses Mouth" when it comes to what "MLB" Scouts are really looking for both Mechanically & Fundamentally! I hope everybody out there takes advantage of this Blog & Jeff's expertise with your questions! I will get it STARTED below with Jeff!!!!!

Jeff, when I read your article about what MLB Scouts look for in hitting, I found it very refreshing & confirming! So did my son Jordan. Let me explain; as you know, Jordan has been trained by Mike & Jake Epstein on rotational hitting and I am amazed still as to how many ex-players, coaches, hitting coaches etc...teach a chop down to the ball from the load as being short to the ball and the proper swing plane. It seems that so many guys confuse hand path with actual swing plane up the line. It was refreshing to hear that you look for rhythm in a swing with lift versus chopping with an ax down to the ball.

Also, just curious, do you scout all positions on the field?

All The Best,

Chuck Ramus
Tampa, FLorida